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System Shock Kickstarter Reached and Expanded

System Shock is burning rubber! The System Shock kickstarter is gathering a large amount of traction. As of now, it has broken its initial goal and has raised almost a million dollars. Night Studios deeply thanked its fans for their support, saying, “There’s no possible way I could convey how …

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Rok (iPad) Review


Escape your fate ROK is an interesting take on a futuristic game, where a norseman is taken, and hidden away for many years. Years later a voice in the darkness has come to release him. She teaches him that he has certain telekinetic abilities and needs to find his way …

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Demetrios (PC) Review

demetrios 0

Join Bjorn in Demetrios The BIG Cynical Adventure! COWCAT presents Demetrios The BIG Cynical Adventure. Inspired by classic point-and-cick games that have come before, Demetrios is sure to put a quirky spin on the genre. You play as Bjorn, a slobbish antiques dealer based out of Paris, France. After coming …

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InSomnia will not be held down


So chances are good that you may not have heard of this next game. InSomnia.  I hadn’t either, until recently… InSomnia RPG is a dystopia carried out in a murky, retrofuturistic style. The game takes place on a colossal, semi-deserted interplanetary space station. Having left their dying planet behind, this …

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Postal Redux (PC) Review

postal redux logo

Who doesn’t want their mayhem in HD? There are few games more fitting than a description of BRUTAL. With Postal Redux (as well as the Postal series, if you are not familiar) there is no great plot scheme. No grand story. A guy lost his job, lost his car, lost …

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Verona, Italy brings you Willy Morgan

Willy Morgan

Willy Morgan imaginarylab is an indie studio based out of Verona Italy. These four talented individuals are poised to make a strong introduction to the industry with Willy Morgan. Willy is a teenager, but lost his father at an early age. Willy’s father Henry Morgan was a famous archaeologist. 10 years …

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