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Xbox Games with Gold Announcement for August

The Games with Gold announcement for August has been released. Players can slash their way through WARRIROS OROCHI 3 Ultimate starting August 1st on the Xbox One. Slamming its way onto the Xbox One on August 16th, players will be able to download WWE 2K16.

From KOEI TECMO GAMES CO. LTD, the developers of WARRIORS OROCHI 3 Ultimate, this 3D hack and slash combines the heroes of DYNASTY WARRIORS and SAMURAI WARRIORS to fight the Orochi, also known as the Serpent King. Anyone unfamiliar to these series should know that these games are full of action, mystery and romance, the perfect recipe for drama. Look for this game starting August 1st on the Xbox One.

The ring comes to life starting August 16th, players will be able to download WWE 2K16 from developers YUKE’S Co., Ltd. This year’s version of the annual wrestling game is chalk full of grabs, throws and suplexes.


From the Xbox 360’s library comes Spelunky, from the developers Mossmouth, LLC. Spelunky is a 2D platformer and the catch is every time a player dies, the level is randomly generated. Players will never play the same level twice. This game will be available starting on August 1st and will be backward compatibility.

A popular title with a cult following, Beyond Good & Evil HD, is an action adventure platformer. For the old and the young, this will be a great opportunity to experience this highly-rated game. Players will play as Jade, a young investigative journalist. She is working on a story when she stumbles across a secret cover up. Players will be able to experience Beyond Good & Evil HD starting on August 16th.

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