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About Us

About Us:

From its launch in 2008, Brutal Gamer has had a top notch team of writers and critics ready to report, review, and otherwise bring its readers the best in gaming, comics, toys, and all things pop culture.

Brutal Gamer is not a site dedicated to one specific piece of hardware or one genre of comic or film. We strive to cut through the fanboyism to bring truly honest takes on the industries we cover to our readers.

About our reviews:

At Brutal Gamer our reviews are judged on a 100 point scale, measured in a percentage. 0 is -of course- awful, while anything 50% to 70% is about average. High 80s to 100? That’s being as close to perfect (in the eyes of the reviewer) as possible.

Please remember that here at BG, a 50 means the game (book, movie, etc…) is average and does just what it needs to do to get by.  It would denote something that you might want to look for pre-owned, or buy if it’s a title/genre/franchise you have time invested in.

To get above a 50, something needs to display at least one or two elements that lift it beyond the ‘norm’.

  • Games are judged on presentation (visual and auditory), control, and story.
  • Books and comics are judged also by presentation, but with a much heavier tilt towards content and writing- as you might expect.
  • Hardware and technology items are reviewed based upon ease of use, design, bells and whistles, and functionality.
  • Movies of both the theatrical and home video variety are critiqued in much the same way as the above, and DVDs/Blu Rays are also marked for their ‘extras’ selection.

Just looking for a quick take on something, but a little more than just a number? That’s what our Final Thoughts are for.

Each review ends with a parting thought, right next to the score, from the critic. It sums up the main bulk of the preceding work, both for good and bad, and will tell you in no uncertain terms if what you’re reading about is worth your time.

Brutal Gamer is…

Jason Micciche | Editor-in-chief, PlayStation Editor

About me: I’ve been a gamer since Moon Patrol on the Atari 2600… let that sink in. I also have a monster-sized place in my heart for comic books, dig action figures of the vintage and modern variety, and have a deep love of ’80s nostalgia.
Favorite Games: Doom (series), Halo (series), Super Mario Bros 3, Diablo II, Super Punch-out!!, Crash Bandicoot, Tecmo Bowl, Street Fighter Alpha 3, Mortal Kombat 2, BioShock, Batman: Arkham Asylum.
Favorite Genres: First-person shooters, adventure, hack’n slash
Current consoles owned: I pretty much still have everything still hooked up and ready to play, legacy-wise. That said, I can most often be found playing on my Xbox One, PS4, Switch, and PC.
Twitter: @jason_tas


Mack | Senior Editor

About me: Gaming since Atari, I’m a fan of media on multiple platforms. I am always watching or playing something! Who knows what I will be on to next?
Favourite genres: RPG, Puzzle, Platform, FPS, TPS
Current consoles owned:  PS4, Xbox 360, iOS, PC
Steam: Mackeyp42
Twitter: @Mackeyp42


Jessica Russo | Managing Editor

About me: The movies, music and television of the ’80s are Jessica’s obsession. She’s a fan of almost everything from the ‘me decade’ including (but not limited to) Barbie, Jem, She-Ra, and neon print anything.
Favorite games: Rock Band, The Legend of Zelda, Bejewled, Ms Pac-Man
Favorite Genres: Puzzle, rhythm (come back- please!), platformers
Current consoles owned: PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch


Rick Brown | Senior Writer

About Me: A little crazy and a whole lot of funny. I write about video games while I wait to make the money. Also part-time rapper.
Favorite Games: Reckoning: Kingdoms of Amalur, Batman: Arkham Series, Madden Series, Mass Effect Series, Diablo 3
Favorite Genres: Third person adventure games, sports, FPS
Current Consoles Owned: Xbox One (Xbone), Xbox 360
Xbox Live GamerTag: Doc Brown303
Twitter: Docbrown303


Erich Martin | Reviews Editor, Senior Writer

About me: Erich was introduced to gaming by his grandfather before he could walk. Since then, he has grown up loving Nintendo and most games in general. He couples his love of videogames with journalism to cover news, provide reviews and tell it how it is in the gaming world.
Favorite Games: Super Metroid, Luigi’s Mansion, Pokemon Gold
Favorite Genre: Metroidvania and Adventure/Puzzle
Owned Consoles: Switch, Wii U, PS3, PS4, Xbox One, PC, 3DS, PS Vita


Michael Stebbins | Nintendo Editor

About Me: I was raised on a healthy diet of local multiplayer, Nintendo focused gaming.  With the release of the PS3, that diet extended to include Sony’s consoles, and even the odd JRPG on the Xbox 360.  Nowadays, I play everything I can get my hands on, whether the latest Nintendo great, the next big FPS, or the quietly released indie classic.  I graduated from San Jose State University with a BA in English and enjoy the quiet things in life (like skim boarding, backpacking, and sweet, satisfying headshots).
Favorite Games: The Legend of Zelda (series), Tales of (series), Fire Emblem (series), Shin Megami Tensei (series), Super Mario (series), Call of Duty (series), Battlefield (series), Metroid (series), Super Smash Bros (series), Pokemon (series), Warcraft III, Lord of the Rings: Conquest
Favorite Genres: First-Person Shooters, Strategy RPGS, Japanese RPGs, Western RPGs, Fighting Games, Adventures…really all of them.
Current Consoles Owned: Switch, Wii U, New 3DS XL, PS4, Xbox One, PS3, PS Vita, PC, and most everything preceding.
Nintendo ID: Cloudtoucher


Nadia Adalath | Interviews Editor

About me: Hey there I’m Nadia! I’m from the wonderful country of Canada and a graduate of Journalism. My goal with my work is to give people a helping hand with getting the word out about their projects, as well as learning about the individuals that create them. In my spare time I love to play video games, collect Pokemon cards, and read.
Favorite Games: Pokemon Alpha Sapphire,  the Tales of Series, Professor Layton Vs Phoenix Wright, Resonance of Fate, OSU (A rhythm game)
Favorite Genres: RPG, Adventure, Visual Novel
Current consoles owned:  3DS, PS3, PSP
Steam: angeleyes127
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nadia.adalath?fref=ts



Aaron Chester
Benj Madamba
Megan Humphreys
Callum Davis
Patrick Diviney
Blake Prescott


If you have any other questions or would like to contribute to the site, please visit the Contact Us page and let us know. Brutal Gamer is always on the lookout for new writers who are passionate about gaming, comics, toys – and anything in between!