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InSomnia will not be held down

So chances are good that you may not have heard of this next game. InSomnia.  I hadn’t either, until recently…

InSomnia RPG is a dystopia carried out in a murky, retrofuturistic style. The game takes place on a colossal, semi-deserted interplanetary space station. Having left their dying planet behind, this space metropolis, along with its inhabitants, has been moving towards the distant, ghost-like Evacuation Point for the past 400 years, where the descendants of the once great people hope to start over the history of mankind.

InSomnia has been earned the Steam Greenlight for gamers interested in seeing this made. More than that, InSomnia has started, and met, their Kickstarter goals. Twice. The developers at MONO have been working diligently to bring you this world since 2010.

Saying that you should check out InSomnia is an insult. You owe it to yourself to take the time and check out this game!

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