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E3 2016: Speed kills in Mr. Shifty from tinyBuild Games

Speed usually kills in a stealth game but that is not the case with Mr. Shifty from tinyBuildGames. Mr. Shifty can break into any place, steal any item and sneak out without breaking a sweat. He does all this with the power of teleportation. This expert thief doesn’t like to make things clean and easy so he has a full set of kung-fu moves at his disposal.

This combo-mashing throwback to 1990’s kung-fu movies is full of heists, rescue missions, boss battles and more. Players will have to fight their way through 75 levels. This retro-style game is rather hard as Mr. Shifty can only take one hit before he is dead. Players will have to master the use of his teleportation as well as his other powers to escape certain death.

Mr. Shifty will be able to slow down time to avoid bullets, but only for a short time. Be sure to follow BrutalGamer for more information on Mr. Shifty. The expected release date is for 2017.

tinyBuild Games is a production company and Mr. Shifty is being developed by Team Shifty. A small team from Australia with the experience to bring a new and exciting game to consoles and PC.

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