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Colin King becomes the hunted in Ninjak #2

Valiant Comics’ stealthy ninja series is about to turn the tables on the title superhero as Ninjak becomes the target of a shadowy syndicate.

International financier Colin King hasn’t just come to Tokyo to take the Rippongi club scene by storm. As the covert MI-6 operative codenamed Ninjak, he’s also tracking down the men who trained him to be a lethal weapon…the very same men whose movements have now aligned with the latest terror plot by the cybernetic crime cartel called WEBNET! But how do you detect killers who specialize in the undetectable? And how does he know that the SHADOW SEVEN haven’t caught up with him first? It’s all-out ninja-versus-ninja warfare as the deadliest men and women of five continents converge on the Tokyo underworld for a blood-spattered blowout!

Of course, if you’ve been reading Valiant’s books for a while now, then you already know some of who and what’s being talked about in that teaser above. For starters, King is Ninjak, an assassin who’s in the employ of the British government… sort of. King doesn’t actually work for them actually, as revealed in issue #1, but contracts for the crown all the same.

As for Webnet, Unity fans should be well familiar with them, as the group and Dr Silk figured into one of the super-team’s earliest exploits. Needless to say, they’re not good people. Then again though, it could probably be said that Ninjak isn’t either. Sure he’s a ‘hero’ and doles out some razor-sharp justice, but he’s doesn’t really come off as the altruistic, for the good of all type.

And seeing him take on a whole mess of ninjas? Yes, please.

Ninja #2 hits the stands this Wednesday, April 22nd, from the team of Matt Kindt, Clay Mann, and Butch Guice.

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