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Kojima Productions Selling Statues of Mascot

Kojima Productions is offering up its mascot for two grand. Kojima Productions is a company with a lot of eyes on it. It’s to be expected when someone as famous as Hideo Kojima starts his own studio. His surreal trailers for Dead Stranding already have heads turning, waiting for explanations. …

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Dishonored 2 Free Updates Coming

dishonored 2

Dishonored 2 is getting some free updates Dishonored 2 is a game that has been released to rather glowing reviews. Our own Mack played the game and absolutely loved it. There are problems with the PC port, which Arkane Studios has promised that they are working on. Until then, quite …

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Crytek Reportidly Not Paying Employees

Crytek finds themselves caught up in salary related controversy for the second time. A very sad and real thing about the gaming industry is problems with labor practices. Crunch is a very prevalent problem within the industry, with programmers working long hours for no overtime. It does not stop there …

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PS Plus: Free Games Line up for December 2016

[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l-GPfCom7UA[/embedyt] The time has come for the last PS Plus games of the Year. This month we are feeling indie, bringing Invisible, Inc. a procedural turn-based stealth game where you must break into the most dangerous corporations in the world. The art style is kinda Transistor-esc, which makes it just …

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ARK: Survival Evolved PS4 Release Announced

ARK: Survival Evolved is coming to the PS4 ARK: Survival Evolved has been a very odd case of Early Access for awhile now. Early Access has, sadly, obtained a reputation for being a dumping ground for half-finished games. A reputation that is far from baseless. Despite this, ARK: Survival Evolved …

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