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Long War 2 has been Announced for XCOM 2

Long War 2 coming to XCOM 2

Long War is a famous mod for XCOM: Enemy Unknown. It added classes, enemies, weapons, missions, and a whole lot more to the base game. It also famously made an already hard game much harder. To the point where the head developer called the original game a tutorial for the mod. It is well loved by both players, and the developers of XCOM: Enemy Unknown. And it seems that it’s getting a sequel, because Long War 2 has been announced for XCOM 2.

Long War 2 is being developed by Pavonis Interactive LLC, formerly known as Long War Studios. They have not released much information on Long War 2, only two things. That it is being developed, and that said development will include 2K Games and Firaxis. Pavonis Interactive has promised that more information will be released over the coming weeks. What’s more, 2K Games will be the ones releasing the information, further evidence of partnership.

The reaction to this has been largely positive, as one might easily expect. Long War 2 is not entirely unexpected, as Pavonis Interactive have been working on smaller scale mods for XCOM 2 for some time now. In fact, a large part of XCOM 2’s modding community is due to them. The Steam Workshop support the game received was a direct response to the original Long War. We’ll keep you posted on Long War 2 as more information becomes available.

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