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Kojima Productions Selling Statues of Mascot

Kojima Productions is offering up its mascot for two grand.

Kojima Productions is a company with a lot of eyes on it. It’s to be expected when someone as famous as Hideo Kojima starts his own studio. His surreal trailers for Dead Stranding already have heads turning, waiting for explanations. Until then however, he has something else to keep people interested. Kojima Production has just released pre-orders for a 1/2 scale statue of its mascot Ludens. For $1.999.99.

The statue is hardly on the small side. It’s clocking in at just over five feet, although the weight has yet to be determined. This is most likely the reason why the statue will be in limited supply. Only 150 copies of it will be created, each one signed by Kojima himself. Not much is known about Ludens, other that he was in the video “Kojima Productions logo movie.”

Needless to say, this is causing quite the stir. Many have questioned the extremely high price for something so simple, while others have voiced concern over Kojima Productions asking for so much when they have yet to release a game. For better or for worse, Kojima Productions will ship these statues in 2018

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