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Winter Wonderland 2 Comes to ARK: Survival Evolved

Winter has come to ARK: Survival Evolved

ARK: Survival Evolved is something that has been making headlines quite a bit. There’s been everything from updates, to DLC controversies, to unusual porting practices. It’s a very unique game in a lot of ways, as it is pushing boundaries in a lot of ways. Pushing boundaries in a way that some gamers are rather concerned about, particularly when it comes to setting precedent. Well, regardless of what’ll happen in the long run, Studio Wildcard is continuing to update the game. The Winter Wonderland 2 event is the game’s latest update, having gone live today.

To celebrate the holidays, the humorously named Raptor Claus has been included. As his name would suggest, he’s got gifts for the good little boys and girls. He’ll be dropping supplies, coal, and holiday items across the map. Holiday items can also be crafted now, with Studio Wildcard being secretive about one. An item that they have said they want to be a surprise.

But of course, the main selling point of ARK: Survival Evolved is dinosaurs, and this update comes with five new ones. Cnidaria Omnimorph, a jellyfish that cannot be trained but can be used as a security screen or light source. Troodon Magnanimus, a smaller cousin of the raptor whose trust must be earned, and is a deadly hunter. Pegomastax Fructarator, a harmless herbivore that can gather items for you. Tusoteuthis Vampyrus, a nightmarish and dangerous squid whose ink is valuable for those brave enough to take it. Finally and certainly not least, Therizinosaurus Multiensis, essentially a tamable, herbivoree T-Rex. All of these are now in Ark: Survival Evolved, making survival both easier and harder.

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