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A Clockwork Update Comes to We Happy Few

We Happy Few gets hit with a major update.

We Happy Few is a game that struck interest in a lot of people. It’s set in an alternate 1960s English town called Wellington Wells, it centers around the people of said town, and their obsession with the drug Joy. A drug they take to forget something they did to fight off a Nazi invasion of England. In many ways, it’s Bioshock meets Brave New World. Successfully Kickstarted and released on Early Access, We Happy Few has been enjoying a warm reception. It’s time to see if that will continue with the release of a major update, a Clockwork Update.

The first major aspect of a Clockwork Update is a new tutorial area. Originally, players found themselves waking up in an underground location without explanation. Now, he wakes up in an area that the prologue to the game ended in. A change that makes the, at the moment incomplete, narrative of the game flow better, as well as introduces players to the game more effectively. Secondly, a conversation mode has been introduced. Before, players could be interrupted mid-conversation with a quest giver (or just kill them) if they are attacked. As of now this will not be a problem, as conversations will be treated as cutscenes.

Thirdly, encounters are being complete retooled, being both streamlined and debugged. The developers have cautioned that this particularly part of a Clockwork Update will require a new save file. Fourthly, the game has received a major visual update, with new wallpapers and furniture being added. The developers are keen to make the town look as much like “Carnaby street had a freakish baby with Mr. Bean’s apartment,” as possible. Finally, more interactive animations have been added. A Clockwork Update is live today, and the developers have thanked their fans for their support.

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