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Nikkei Predicts Under $250 Price for Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch could be going for under $250

When it comes to gaming, price is a very important factor. As much as we might like to, we can’t throw money around willy nilly, we need to be careful. As such, the price of a console is the biggest concern we have to approach. The Nintendo Switch is not free from this, and speculation on the price is rampant. The Nikkei, a Japanese business newspaper, has speculated that the price will be below $250.

The Nikkei specifically claimed that the Nintendo Switch will sell at around 25,000 yen, which converts to around $215. This same publication did a very good job predicting the Wii U’s price, being only a few thousand yen off. Granted, there is a good chance the price will be increased for overseas, as was the case with the Wii U. The Nikkei do not claim that this will be the specific price, but a general estimate.

Of course, many people are still concerned about the general performance of the Nintendo Switch. Such as whether or not it will have enough power or a good library. Thankfully, those questions will be answered soon, and hopefully we will be getting a confirmed price. A large event for the Nintendo Switch is planned for this Friday.

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