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The Fanatic Revealed for Darkest Dungeon

The Fanatic is the latest thing in Darkest Dungeon trying to kill you.

The Crimson Court was announced back in October as the first DLC for Darkest Dungeon. Details have been rather light, with the only solid information being a promotional image. Said image heavily implied a vampire theme. Now, more information has come out, and the vampire theme has been confirmed. The Fanatic, the first solid reveal about the DLC, is a vampire hunter. However, there is a twist. The Fanatic is hunting you.

Chris Bourassa, the creative director of Red Hook Studios, had quite a lot to say on the matter. Fans had been clamoring for a vampire hunter character for some time now. Bourassa commented on how Red Hook Studios likes put a spin on things, which helped create The Fanatic. If a party member has the “Crimson Curse,” there is a chance the player will be attacked by the Fanatic. With a worn face and battered armor, he is designed to be less of a Van Hellsing type of hunter and more of a mad monk. He has gone over the edge and is viciously attacking anything within the Crimson Court.

From a gameplay perspective, there is a lot of unique things going on with The Fanatic. He utilizes a pyre that damages heroes while he increases his resistance. If the pyre is destroyed, he becomes enraged and embanks his warhammer with holy light. Bourassa described this as “a (literal) damned if you do, damned if you don’t encounter.” The Fanatic is planed to be a mini-boss, much like The Shambler and The Collector. Red Hook Studios is toying with the idea of audio cues to warn of his coming. The Crimson Court is due to be released sometime next year. Red Hook Studios will most likely be releasing more information before then.

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