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Maldita Castilla (Review) Xbox One

Maldita Castilla Xbox One Review

An insanely hard journey awaits anyone crazy enough to attempt to save the day in Maldita Castilla. This 8-bit adventure is a 2D platforming murderfest. Go back to the days of the Nintendo, to the grammatically incorrect, Ghost ‘n Goblins. This historic 2D platformer followed Sir Arthur as he tries …

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The Technomancer (Xbox One) Review

Ready to rough it on the red planet? Gather your companions, your gear, and get ready for The Technomancer. [embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YC48OihtNp4[/embedyt] In The Technomancer you’ll be playing as Zachariah Mancer, a recruit about to graduate in to a full fledged technomancer. As a technomancer you’ll be expected to help you …

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