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A Fistful of Gun (PC) Review


I felt the hype after watching the trailer. A western gunslinger game, dodging bullets and explosions left and right. Finding a character that suits you best and completely destroy the game. And then it hit me after I tried to play the game, it’s a relentless running game that tries …

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Deadpool (PS4) Review


Following its 2013’s release on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC, Deadpool has now landed on next-gen consoles with a version that is an almost straight port of the original, except for two challenge rooms and a couple of costumes. There’s no graphical update, no alternative modes and no shiny new …

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XCOM 2 (PC) Review


It’s too early to point at a game and shout, “Game of the year!”, but let’s face it, come the end of the year, XCOM 2 is going to be on my list… and probably somewhere close to the top.

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