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Lil Tanks (PC) Review

Lil Tanks is loaded with charm, but it’s not quite enough to hold your attention. Lil Tanks is loaded with charm, but it's not quite enough to hold your attention. Lil Tanks is a top-down style shooter that one can embrace when needing a small but clean blast-fest of a …

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EGX Rezzed Hands-On: The Adventure Pals

Need some good clean fun for people of all ages but equally enjoyable to the most mature of adults? Then Look no further than The Adventure Pals. A wonderfully colourful, humorous platforming adventure. With giraffes and a pet rock. Though that’s enough to sell me on a game, you may …

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EGX Rezzed Hands-On: Serial Cleaner

There are plenty of games out there that involve killing numerous people, leaving blood and bodies in your wake.  But when you need someone to get rid of the evidence and make sure nothing comes of your murderous acts, you need to send in a cleaner. If there’s a lot …

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88 Heroes To The Rescue

Everyone remembers where they were when he came to earth. It was 8:08, on the eighth of August, 1988. His dastardly voice blaring over the loudspeakers with that stupid laugh, “MUA HA HA HA HA.” His demands were simple: The earth must pay 88 octillion dollars in 88 hours or …

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It Is Hard To Be Forgotton Anne

Forgotton Anne

Times are tough and it is hard to be Fogotton Anne. Lost in the Forgotten Lands, Anne is policing the indigenous creatures, the Forgotttings. These magical creatures are a collection of forgotten items. Together with her partner, Bonku, these two travelers are working on getting home from the Forgotten Lands. …

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