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Captain Toad feature reavealed

The new feature in Super Mario 3D World known as “Captain Toad” finally sees the light of day in a recent video posted by Eurogamer. If you’ve been following this game closely, and have watched the trailers, you no doubt seen the weird land formation floating in midair with a …

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Mario themed Spaghetti-O’s

It seems that Nintendo and Cambell’s have partnered up in a deal to advertised Mario on Spaghetti-O cans. Check out the new design posted in the Twitter feed. In the late 80s and early 90s, when Nintendo was the industry king, they were advertising Mario everywhere, but especially on food …

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Super Mario 3D World hands on

Today I had my first experience with Nintendo‘s latest entry into Mario platformers, Super Mario 3D World. June 15th was the last day Nintendo’s E3 demos were available to be played in Besty Buy, and I was fortunate enough to have three other people in line who wanted to play …

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New Super Luigi U gets trailer

Nintendo showcases more gameplay for New Super Luigi U. With the release date of New Super Luigi U only a few weeks away, Nintendo gives players more footage and information regarding the new game. The trailer starts off explaining the differences between New Super Luigi U and New Super Mario …

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