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Super Mario 3D World gets its biggest trailer yet

To prepare for the impending release of Super Mario 3D World in November, Nintendo has released another trailer to the public.

The latest footage is perhaps the best yet, with new features and power ups being displayed. You can see some new levels being shown off, like the bullet bill train stage, and Bowser’s carnival. The tropical level, revealed in screenshots earlier this month gets some exposure, with a new ability featured in it. Mario jumps onto a koopa troopa and steals his shell, using it for himself. Once a character burrows inside of it, they change the shell’s color to that of their clothes. You can slide around and knock foes down in your path, so it’s somewhat in the vein of the shell power up in New Super Mario Bros. Another box power up is revealed, with a flashlight attached to it; you can use it to light up dark areas and ward away boos as well as other ghostly creatures that will attempt to attack you.

Some old favorites return too, like the white tanooki suit that makes you invincible. It appears that this power up will be used for when you’re having trouble on a certain level. The tanooki suit is of course back, and controls just like it did in Super Mario 3D Land. Finally, there’s an item we haven’t seen in a long long time, and this time it’s not just limited to the 2D world of Mario; the mega mushroom makes its return, allowing you to grow several times your normal size for a short period of time, as well as making you invincible. Just like New Super Mario Bros, you can destroy pretty much anything in your path, even solid brick.

What’s also been included is an online mode, where you race against ghost miis that other players have made. It’s a nice feature for those of you wishing to test your skills out, seeing just how quickly you can beat the levels. Super Mario 3D World will arrive in stores November 22nd.

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