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Captain Toad feature reavealed

The new feature in Super Mario 3D World known as “Captain Toad” finally sees the light of day in a recent video posted by Eurogamer.

If you’ve been following this game closely, and have watched the trailers, you no doubt seen the weird land formation floating in midair with a toad wandering around it. This is a mode in the game known as Captain Toad, which stars a toad that has frequently crossed paths with Mario in the Super Mario Galaxy games. Like the previous games, he wears his patented exploration clothing and miner’s hat. The objective in each level is to guide Captain Toad around each course, as he searches for green stars, being sure to avoid hazards and enemies along the way. He can’t attack foes or jump, so you’ll have to make sure he safely explores each stage via the gyro controls on or the control stick on the Wii U gamepad.

You can even blow on the gamepad, causing platforms with propellers to ascend to higher points in the stage. Captain Toad appears to only have a two hit limit, as the player demonstrated in the video by running into an enemy, causing him to decrease in size. So far it looks like an interesting extra to an already stellar looking title. Super Mario 3D World will be arriving in stores November 22nd for the Wii U.

Source: Eurogamer

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