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Cloverfield gets a JJ Abrams Produced Sequel

After eight years, the found footage Kaiju film, Cloverfield, is getting a “blood relative.”   The trailer, released in a surprise announcement, shows what appears to be a deranged John Goodman holding  Mary Elizabeth Winstead and John Gallagher Jr. captive in an underground bunker. Towards the end, they make a break for …

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Create Lego dinosaurs in Jurassic World

TT Games is bringing the popular dinosaur franchise to the LEGO realm. From Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and The LEGO Group comes the newest game in LEGO form, LEGO Jurassic Park. Get ready to experience the whole film franchise as the previous Jurassic Parks are featured in this game. Pack …

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Elite: Dangerous Launch Trailer Released

Frontier released the launch trailer for Elite: Dangerous today and it is a super slick, cinematic preview. Elite: Dangerous is the fourth installment of the Elite series by Frontier Developments. Unable to find funding from a publisher, Frontier turned to Kickstarter in November 2012 to fund the game. Like the …

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This Mod Makes GTA IV look amazing!

Version 3.0 of the iCEnhancer graphics mod is out for download. This mod as you can see from the video makes GTA IV look absolutely stunning.  The download link is also in the video description. This kind of mod truly showcases the power modders have, and it will be interesting …

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