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E3:2014 Let It Die Revealed As PS4 Exclusive

When Sony revealed Let It Die, another title from Suda 51. I think I was shocked more than anything, then after the third or fourth time watching, I got say I’m looking forward to it. Little information is known at the moment, but this free to play fighting game looks to be something new out of a usually predicable genre.

Starting off the game with no clothing or weapons, and apparently a gas mask…. You need to defeat all enemies in order to acquire better equipment, and from looking at the trailer the equipment has its owns stats and uses, ranging from baseball bats with added nails and even flame throwers, this horribly graphic game is likely going to take fighting games to a whole new level.

Including a level up system, customisable avatar and, the added bonus that your death makes you just another persons enemy, it definitely shaping up to be an interesting experience.

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