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EA E3 Press Conference Live

EA E3 2016: E3 kicks off with EA’s Press Conference, right here.

It’s time, ladies and gentlemen: Gamers’ Hanukkah begins today, at 1:00PM PST as EA kicks off E3 2016 with the latest on their newest titles.  Expect Battlefield One.  Mass Effect Andromeda.  Titanfall 2.  And be disappointed if any of them don’t show!  What kind of surprises are in store?  What kind of sizzle reels?  Will Criterion come back with their racing project?  Time will tell- as will we: live, right here, right now.

EA E3 Press Conference

Watch Live:

[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wPSN9sTQCf4[/embedyt] Twitch

EA Official

All Times PST:

12:54PM We wait with bated breath.  The pre-show is over.  Snacks are out.  Countdown to 1PM continues. The music is already hype.

1:02PM “Hi, We’ll be back in five minutes.”  Still counting down to 1PM, it seems!

1:04PM I had a couple tabs open of the video open.  Song is even tighter with two playing over each other, a quarter beat apart.

1:06PM The audience is being asked to take their seats.  I hope you’re all already sitting down.

1:08PM I hope you’ve got your E3 bingo cards out, folks: let the games begin!

1:10PM Andrew Wilson tells us all about this new type of show.  The next hour will be a “taste” of the great stuff to come.

1:12PM Two shows up at once.  Hello, London! Future of EA Star Wars, more on Mass Effect, EA Sports competition and story, live stream 64 player Battlefield One match.

1:14PM Vince Zampella comes to the stage, Titanfall 2 up first.

1:16PM Titanfall 2 Multiplayer Trailer shows off “6 new titans,” more customization, a deep progression system, and tons of new tools.  Grapple hook, gravity grenade, and more.  Looking sweet.  Single-player confirmed.  Did you already catch the trailer?

1:19PM If you didn’t, they just showed it.  A chance to explore the bond between titan and pilot.  Features plant wolf lizard things, self-destructing drone monsters- oh, and sweet, sweet Titan action.  October 28, 2016.  Prepare for Titanfall.

1:20 Next up: Madden 2017.  A focus on eSports drives the conversation right now.  Three new ways to compete in Madden: Challenger Events, Premier Series, and EA Major events.

1:25 Tune in to watch the Madden 16 finals on Tuesday, 6PM Eastern.

1:26PM Mass Effect Andromeda: “How far will we go?” You’re part of an expedition, leaving the Milky Way to help mankind find a new home.

1:27PM “Bigger adventure, filled with a whole new cast…and more freedom.”  All powered by Frostbite.

1:28PM Time to look behind the scenes at Mass Effect Andromeda.

1:29PM In-engine footage to be found aplenty.  Be ready to drive again, too.  Looking sick- but we have to wait for Fall for more. November 7, maybe?

1:32PM EA has partnered with HeForShe, Code.org, and others to spread play.

1:33PM FIFA 17.  “The most popular sports game on the planet.”  Also using Frostbite.

1:37PM “The Journey” will star Alex Hunter to bring a story “full of depth and emotion” to Fifa.  Premier League Managers are also in the game for the first time.

1:41PM FIFA Producer up on stage.

1:42PM Physical player revamps, new attacking techniques, new ways to create chances, etc.

1:44PM Unraveled “deserved to be played.”  EA is “committed to working with small developers to find these…games.”  EA Originals program is about “taking first time experiences…and bringing them the world,” “supporting small developers,” and “funding and offering a level of security” to the developers.

1:47PM Fe from Zoink Studio is the first of the EA Originals titles, which celebrates our longing to be one with the world around us.

1:50PM Star Wars music- tons of teams working on Star Wars games “for all types of plans.” Dice, Bioware, Respawn, Visceral, and others.

1:52PM Battlefront in 2017, Amy Hennig and Visceral’s Star Wars in 2018, and later Respawns action/adventure.  Behind the curtain sneak peak to follow.

1:56PM Small snippet of in-game footage from Visceral and Hennig’s Star Wars.

1:56PM Battlefield One up next.

1:59PM The rest of that trailer will come soon.  During the show?  Or delivered separately?  I’m pretty ready to just see the trailer.

2:00PM Following the show will be a live-stream, best of 3 matchup.

2:01PM Weather will change unpredictably, destruction will be more natural than ever, and “Behemoths,” epic war vehicles including Battleships, Armored Trains, and zeppelins.

2:04PM And we wrap it up with a Battlefield One trailer.  Game looks unbelievable: can’t wait for this live-stream.

Thanks for joining us, everyone!  That’s the end of EA’s Press Conference, but the beginning of E3 2016!  If you’re interested in Battlefield One footage, stick around with EA Play.  If not, don’t go too far: Bethesda is up next at 7PM PST.

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