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EGX Hands-On: Flat Heroes

Flat Heroes is an action, puzzle game that’s every bit as unforgiving as it is fun. Think N+ and Super Meat Boy. At first I wasn’t expecting much as the first thing I saw was the title and four small squares. A justified reaction I like to think, but boy …

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Titanfall 2 Technical Test Hands On

Titanfall 2 Tech Test

I’ll be honest: my first impressions of the Titanfall 2 Technical Test were not positive.  Why did everything feel so different?  Why were pilots and Titans both so sluggish?  Where was the Smart Pistol?  Where were the awesome maps, the verticality, the wall-running routes?  At least the grappling hook was …

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Hands-On with Journey

ThatGameCompany are a unique bunch.  They have never really produced what you could strictly call a “game”.  Flow was close but really it was too open and aimless to justify a game tag and Flower… well Flower just was.  This time around though Journey looks suspiciously like a more traditional …

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