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Wonder Red trophy revealed

Sakurai‘s latest update shows a trophy of Wonder Red, leading many to believe that he’s an assist trophy. Optimistically, this is just a little teaser before the official reveal of The Wonderful 101‘s Wonder Red, but it does seem somewhat strange that Sakurai would do this, rather than simply wait until …

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Super Smash Bros Smash-Fest

In what is perhaps one of the coolest collaborations between Mega64 and Nintendo ever, an incredibly fun invent has been announced for E3. The video is pretty neat and funny, you see Rocco Botte and Shawn Chatfield attempting to uncover some juicy secrets that are planned for E3 by Nintendo. …

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Lucario returns to Smash

Sakurai reveals yet another returning character in Super Smash Bros. The pokemon Lucario is back, and he looks as good as ever. There seems to be an awful lot of Super Smash Bros Brawl characters returning for a second time around. King De De De, Pit from Kid Icarus, Toon …

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