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A familiar face shows up in Sakurai’s pic of the day

Today’s screenshot is a particularly interesting one. Here we see the pyrosphere from Metroid: Other M, but instead of the usual fight going on, an old favorite takes the stage.

Mother Brain makes an appearance in this image, and it appears to be the Super Metroid version of her. For those of you unfamiliar with the series, Mother Brain is the main antagonist of Metroid and Super Metroid; she controls lifeforms telepathically, transforming the planet she is on into a giant death trap that keeps out intruders. The room that she resides in is a death trap in and of itself. She telepathically fires turrets and lasers at you while you make your way through. Unlike the first iteration of Mother Brain, this one, the Super Metroid version has spikes covered all over her.

On top of that she can fire the beam that was used against Samus in Super Metroid in order to weaken her. You can even see the ring shaped lasers she fires at you in the boss fights. Whether this is an assist trophy or a boss fight remains to be seen. It most likely will be another boss, like Yellow Devil. All in all the look and the attack are true to form. Sakurai did a wonderful job on Mother Brain.

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