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King De De De is back for a second time in Super Smash Brothers

Another character reveal occurred recently, a nemesis and rival of Kirby. King De De De is ready for another round as he makes his second appearance in Super Smash Bros.

The first time King De De De ever came into the scene of the Smash Brothers series was his debut in Super Smash Bros Brawl. He is considered a very cherished character to Sakurai, so much so that he even did De De De‘s voice in Smash. The King’s graphical upgrade looks good, with the stitching on his clothes shown in great detail and brighter hue; De De De is looking better than ever. His move-set looks to be unchanged; like Brawl, he can use his signature abilities from the Kirby’s Dreamland games, such as the super high jump and jet hammer.

Like all the new screenshots for Super Smash Brothers, King De De De is shown in several different scenarios. You can see him charging up his jet hammer, doing the super high jump, using his hammer twist ability on Villager, and fighting with Wii Fit Trainer. His 3DS model looks good as well; the model for De De De is almost identical to the Wii one. Super Smash Bros is expected to arrive in 2014.

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