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Super Smash Bros Nintendo Direct announced for April 8th

Nintendo has announced yet another Nintendo Direct, only this time it will be focused on Super Smash Brothers.

Mum’s the word as of late, with a rather strange lack of new Super Smash Bros news. Many were figuring that we’d get something by the end of March or by April 1st at least. Just when you think that we’d have to wait until E3, Nintendo surprises us with another Direct scheduled for April 8th. No word on what will be appearing in it, only that we should expect it to be Super Smash Bros oriented. There are a couple possible reveals for this Direct, given the month that it’s presented in. April 6th marks the second anniversary of Xenoblade‘s arrival in North America, April 20th was the release date of Mother 3, Star Fox 64 was released in Japan on April 27th, Golden Sun: The Lost Age came to North America April 14th, and a couple of the Fire Emblems were also released in April.

Granted, localizations in certain regions is a bit of a stretch, but something to go by at least. Out of the games listed above, the ones with the largest possibility of having reveals would be Star Fox 64 and Mother 3. Both are pretty important titles to Nintendo fans, and the release dates are from regions where they originated from. Star Fox 64 made its debut in Japan, and Mother 3 was only released in that country. Obviously Ness would be best candidate for Mother, and Falco is the most logical choice as far as Star Fox characters go. Keep in mind that Sakurai does pay attention to these dates, it’s no coincidence that Little Mac was introduced during the month of Punch-Out‘s anniversary. It will be interesting to see what he has in store for April 8th. For North Americans, you can expect to see the Direct at 3:00 PM pacific time. Europe is scheduled for 11:00 PM UK time.

Watch it here on Tuesday Nintendo Direct

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