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Sakurai’s latest pic of the day

True to his word Masahiro Sakurai releases his regularly scheduled pic of the day. Rosalina once again takes the center stage in this screenshot.

Rosalina is once again shown in her own backyard, the Super Mario Galaxy themed stage. She has received quite a bit of exposure as of late; which is natural considering she was recently revealed not too long ago. Along with Rosalina, several other characters have been confirmed in the last few months. Zelda, an old favorite, made her triumphant return. King De De De comes back for a second time around, Marth makes an appearance, and so does Toon Link. Alongside character reveals are the new stages added to the game, such as Toon Link’s Spirit Train stage, the Super Mario Galaxy level, Rainbow Road, and the Kid Icarus Uprising stage.

We should expect to see something entirely new soon enough, what with the flow of new material Sakurai has established. Every few weeks, a stage or character whether completely out of left field or not, tends to surface. Hopefully Palutena can make her debut as a playable character in the next pic of the day. Only time will tell what we’ll see next. Keep your eyes peeled.

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