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eShop Update: Tokyo Mirage Sessions Debuts!

Happy Friday, gamers and welcome to the weekly Nintendo eShop Update. Getting ready to start your weekend? Nintendo has done all of us the favor of updating their eShop with some great titles! With some high-profile titles hitting the eShop, you can stock up for the summer. The Wii U has …

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Chocobo-palooza! Square-Enix Sale on PS Store

Anyone looking to be a Warrior of Light and ride a chocobo into battle can finally do it! Square-Enix has over 30 of its games on sale on the Playstation Store! Relive the clash for crystals with classics like Final Fantasy VIII or Final Fantasy III. For the fan looking for …

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Games Republic Launch PC Gaming Summer Sale

Games Republic Launch PC Gaming Summer Sale!

Gamesrepublic.com have launched a Summer Sale, with a large array of AAA and indie digital titles receiving a slash on their price. The site promises 10 days of bargains, more than 200+ different titles and up to a 90% discount. Gamesrepublic.com, the PC digital gaming store run by 11 bit studios, receive all their …

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