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GOG’s Winter Sale is a go, offers up a winter wonderland of savings

It’s that time once again, as the Winter Sale on GOG is ready to roll. This year’s edition is loaded, with 4500+ deals, some hitting 90% off.

Building a backlog

Go ahead, make your jokes. You know full well that no matter how deep your backlog is, you’re going to be checking out the Holiday sales on games of all kinds this month. Actually, what am I saying, you probably already did. Well, if you did, then let us add a little more fuel to the fire with news of GOG’s Winter Sale.

The online PC (and Mac) gaming storefront has had a massive roll of discounts up for a day or two now, but it’s still very much notable. That’s mainly due to the shocking amount of deals that are available.

GOG promises over 4500 games are on sale, with some almost hitting the ‘free’ mark at 90% off.

Notable titles include:

  • Alien: Isolation (-80%)
  • BioShock Infinite Complete Edition (-80%)
  • Chorus (-55%)
  • Cyberpunk (-50%)
  • Return to Monkey Island (-20%)
  • S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl (-70%)
  • Cult of the Lamb (-20%)
  • Europa Universalis IV (-80%)
  • SWAT 4 – Gold Edition (-50%)
  • Metro: Exodus (-70%)
  • Divinity: Original Sin 2 – Definitive Edition (-60%)
  • Saints Row®: The Third™ Remastered (-75%)
  • Dying Light – The Following: Enhanced Edition (-67%)

Want more? Well we did mention ‘free’ and there will be those as well. The freebies klick off with Ghost of a Tale, which is free to add to your account right now, but will expire tomorrow, December 15th at 2pm UTC (here we go again). That will be followed by another freebie, for an end total of 6 gratis-games.

Don’t forget the collections

While you’re winding your wild and wintery way through this way-out windfall, you might get a little lost. There are a lot of games on offer after all, so it can get a little overwhelming.

Well, if you’re looking for some suggestions on what to grab, don’t skip GOG’s collections. Each one is crafted to help guide buyers to something great, so check ’em out.

They include:

  • Bestsellers – absolute GOG top sellers (e.g. Control Ultimate EditionScornStardew Valley)
  • RPG – enjoy the rich storytelling and embark on a great adventure  (e.g. Divinity: Original Sin 2Disco ElysiumThe Witcher 3: Wild Hunt)
  • Classics – a large collection of Good Old Games and classics that are near and dear to hearts (e.g. Diablo + HellfireMortal Kombat TrilogyMyst Masterpiece)
  • Open Critic Highest Rated 2022 Releases – the critics have decided. These games are fabulous (e.g. NORCOCuphead: The Delicious Last CourseA Plague Tale: Requiem)
  • Major Anniversaries – we praise them for still being great even after all those years (e.g. Alone in the Dark: The Trilogy 1+2+3, ARMA: Gold EditionThe Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition)

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