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Flower blooming onto PSN very soon

The upcoming PSN game Flower which isn’t exactly a game, its more like a relaxing-interactive thing, its so hard to explain yet its such a beautiful game. Flower has received a virtual-release date for February 12th, don’t know about you but this is a definite buy for me, I can’t …

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Fallout 3 soundtrack now on iTunes

I love Fallout 3, I also love the soundtrack, and now news from the Bethesda Blog is that the soundtrack is now available via the iTunes music store. Unfortunately each one of these songs cost, which is a massive shame, just search ‘Fallout 3’ and you can find it on …

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Killzone 2 trophies out in then wild

Killzone 2’s release date is getting closer and closer everyday (obviously) and I can’t wait for it. So hearing the news that the trophies are now also out in the wild for people to prepare for and know what they’re getting themselves in for. After a quick read of the …

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US PSN video store update

Nothing really fantasmical this week, well… except for Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey in HD, thats a legendary theme which I grew up watching. I’m still curious when the hell they’ll be bringing the video store feature to the rest of the world, they’re taking there sweet fucking time. This …

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NA and EU PSN store updates

I’ve decided to start rounding these store updates into one news post now, due to its a lot easier for everyone as it just involves scrolling down instead of having to click multiple pages. We see the arrival of the Skate 2 demo on both stores, which I plan on …

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