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Valiant Comics takes a scythe to Shadowman vol 1’s price tag

The collection of the first four issues of Shadowman, titled Birth Rites, has been cut as a part of the publisher’s $9.99 graphic novel initiative.

First, if you’re not reading Shadowman… start reading Shadowman. The book is an excellent mix of horror and superheroes, and even comes complete with fantastic art and writing. Not a common occurrence.

Okay, now back to your regularly scheduled program-

Shadowman Vol 1: Birth Rites, from the creative team of Justin Jordan and Patrick Zircher, was originally offered at the $14.99 price point but will see that cut down to $9.99 for its release into comic shops. If the book’s as good as advertised, why cut the price? Pretty simple according to Valiant’s Fred Pierce- to grab new readers.

“Both fans and retailers have had an enthusiastic response to our $9.99 trade paperback releases. At this stage, one of Valiant’s top priorities is to ensure that our titles are available to as many new readers as possible. Introducing the premiere volumes of our ongoing titles at $9.99 is an easy way to do just that,” said Valiant Publisher Fred Pierce. “If you’ve been waiting to discover Valiant, or simply missed your chance to jump on board Shadowman, or Harbinger or any other Valiant series, each and every first volume in our line of trade paperbacks will be right there waiting for you for less than ten bucks.”

I love this idea personally. Give prospective readers as few excuses as possible to hop on to some of the best comics on the market today, right at their start? Terrific. I wish more publishers would follow suit and release major characters’ origins at discounted prices, it just makes sense.

Look for Shadowman Vol 1: Birth Rites to hit stores on April 24th for, yep, $9.99 USD.

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  1. Valiant can absolutely do no wrong. Every title has been awesome, and this $10 tpb idea is brilliant.

    Long Live Valiant!

  2. Hi Scott, thanks for reading! Just curious- were you a Valiant reader back in the 90s or did you just start reading with the relaunch? I was so-so into them back then, but the revamped books have got me hook line and sinker.

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