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Deadfall Adventures spans the globe this Summer

Nordic Games and The Farm 51 have taken the wraps off of their newest title, the very pulpy Deadfall Adventures.

The name Quatermain should give fans of old adventure novels an idea of just what’s in store for the character of the same name (different given names though) in Deadfall Adventures.

Not touched on in the trailer is that Quatermain is on the trail of an artifact called the Heart of Atlantis- and he’s not the only one. Given the period setting of 1938, you better believe that the Nazi’s are on the hunt for the mystical item as well.

Although it’s true that shooting Nazi’s in a FPS isn’t exactly anything new in video games, Deadfall Adventures manages to make it at least sound like something fresh with its settings. Quatermain will travel, with Federal Agent Jennifer Goodwin in tow, from the sands of Egypt, through the steamy jungles of Guatemala, and deep into the arctic ice pack.

“Deadfall Adventures marries the ethos of the Saturday morning matinee with the Summer blockbuster to create an original adventure which will grip players from start to finish,” says Klemens Kreuzer, Managing Director at Nordic Games. “We’re putting players into the heart of the action, just as they’d dreamed as children, staring at their heroes on the silver screen. It’s fantastic to be working on Deadfall Adventures with The Farm 51 from the roots up; it’s going to be an exciting summer.”

“We’re thrilled to be working on our second project alongside Nordic Games,” says Wojciech Pazdur, Development Director at The Farm 51. “We’re putting everything into the games’ stunning graphics to create a unique experience that will be both challenging and engaging. The great thing about Deadfall Adventures, it makes us discover the little Indiana Jones in all of us.”

A lofty goal, but one that might very well be on target if the finished product plays anything like this trailer looks. We’ll find out on July 30th when Deadfall Adventures hits PC and Xbox 360.

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