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And PopCap’s best selling game is…

Bejeweled? Surprisingly not. It’s there newest desktop-defending zombie-slaying release which is even more enjoyable then Valve’s very own Left 4 Dead — you guessed it, Plants Vs Zombies. “Incredibly well” and, “At this very early point in its history, it’s the best-selling game PopCap’s ever had.” Garth Chouteau told VG247.

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Leaked Trailer of new Team ICO Game.

A new trailer has surfaced of what is rumoured to be Team ICOs upcoming game. The trailer, sourced here, continues the art style of the studios previous games, a barren landscape of Roman inspired ruins, devoid of life and utterly utterly beautiful. It also appears to continue the themes of …

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Spore: Robot Chicken Edition

EA and Maxis announced today that they have teamed up with the writers from the TV show “Robot Chicken” to add some free adventures to the expansion pack “Galactic Adventures”. The additional adventures were conceptualized by Seth Green and Matt Senreich and according to Senreich “this gave us the opportunity …

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Champions Online Delayed

Bit of bad news for those of you who are looking forward to Cryptic Studios new MMORPG, Champions Online. According to gamesindustry.biz, The release date has been delayed a few weeks. It will now come out on September 1, instead of the originally announced date of July 14. Design Director/Executive …

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