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Titanfall 2 Technical Test Hands On

Titanfall 2 Tech Test

I’ll be honest: my first impressions of the Titanfall 2 Technical Test were not positive.  Why did everything feel so different?  Why were pilots and Titans both so sluggish?  Where was the Smart Pistol?  Where were the awesome maps, the verticality, the wall-running routes?  At least the grappling hook was …

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LawBreakers Alpha launches today!

The first wave of alpha tests for Cliff Bleszinski’s Boss Key Productions debut shooter LawBreakers will start today, launching on the US East Coast and US West Coast; as well as in London; Berlin; Paris and Sydney. The game is set during a post-apocalyptic earth, altered through a global seismic …

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Besiege (PC) Review

You may remember the videos with all kind of contraptions destroying footmen, sheep, and castles. If you are one of the unlucky few, fear not, I will add videos throughout the review to remind you how crazy you can get with this simulator. Spiderling Games, a little indie studio, is …

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