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Prison Architect Alpha 6 Adds Risk Categories And More

The first new build for a while has quite a few changes.

Introversion Software have released the latest Alpha build for their forthcoming game Prison Architect.  The update has taken a while, but includes a lot of changes and fixes.

Each prisoner will now have a rap sheet, including prison sentences and past convictions.  Prisoners are also now colour coded to indicate how much of a security risk they are.  However, it’s not as straight forward as that, as these will be estimates, so some prisoner might actually be a higher risk than you think, and some might actually be innocent of the crimes they’ve been convicted for, with prisoner bios stating that they’ve pleaded ‘Not Guilty’ in court.  You can’t, however, reclassify your prisoners yet.

You can find the full list of changes and fixes at the Prison Architect website.  A video detailing the changes has been released, and you can have a look below: –

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