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Besiege (PC) Review

You may remember the videos with all kind of contraptions destroying footmen, sheep, and castles. If you are one of the unlucky few, fear not, I will add videos throughout the review to remind you how crazy you can get with this simulator.

Spiderling Games, a little indie studio, is responsible for this great invention. It went completely viral, because of the before mentioned crazy constructions. It is currently in alpha and greenlit on Steam, but it feels and plays like a full-fledged game. It even gets regular updates!

One block to rule them all

You start off with one block, the brain block if you will. Nothing can be powered if it isn’t in some way connected to the brain block. It is anything but restrictive though, when you start off it actually makes you think of common vehicles. Since the first few blocks you put on it automatically makes you go into the direction of a car.

If you are really clueless about it all, there is a very short tutorial that teaches you how to make a very basic vehicle.

Pretty explosions

The game currently has two islands. After you beat the first fifteen levels, you can move on to Tolbrynd and beat ten more tells. Each levels throws an obstacle at you to overcome. Sometimes you have the be a mass murderer, at other times you have move from point A to point B and some challenges require you to do be a UPS driver.

Every level is a joy to look at. The graphics are simple, but realistic. Which is a blessing, because it makes you feel a little less guilty to slaughter all those foot soldiers. The music that guides you on your slaughterfest is something you wouldn’t necessarily expect: it is soothing classical music.

Anything but basic

The thing about this game, is that you are only limited to your imagination. I can name off all the items and levels, but that really ruins the surprise. You should start this game with an empty slate and let everything figure itself out in the moment.

I can guarantee you a fun time if you release your inner evil mastermind. Especially for the price, a measly seven dollars, you will have more fun with this than spending it on coffee at Starbucks.

About Rick Rozenberg

I am 24 year old whose love for gaming started with my dad showing me games like Wolfstein 3D and Aladdin. As I grew older, so did my interest in games. I would religiously read Dutch game magazines to keep up to date. Initially. What was supposed to stay as something to pass time has grown to having a love for all things gaming related.

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