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Brutal Gamers’ Favorite Games from E3 2016

E3 2016 may have come and gone, but there’s still waiting left to be done: we’ve seen the future of gaming.  Unfortunately for those of us dying to get our hands on a finished Final Fantasy XV or Sea of Thieves, it’s still in the future. So while we wait …

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E3 2016: Ever Oasis Announced for 3DS

Ever Oasis

The action-RPG game by GREZZO (makers of Majora’s Mask 3DS) will be released in 2017.   During the Nintendo Treehouse’s live event this E3, we were met with a surprise announcement: Ever Oasis, a new 3DS action-RPG adventure, helmed by Koichi Ishii, founder of GREZZO and a man with hands …

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Persona 5 Gameplay from E3: 2016

Persona is back and more stylish than ever. Countless games bearing the Persona name have been released over the past few years. However, there has not been a numbered release since Persona 4 back in 2008. Persona 5 has been in development for some time, and has undergone some major …

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E3 2016: We Happy Few comes to Xbox Game Preview

During the Microsoft press conference, officials announced that We Happy Few will be coming to the Xbox Game Preview system this summer. The program allows players to play games before official release and offer feedback to the developers. The news came with a new trailer for the game as well. …

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