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Moana (Movie) Review

The latest offering from Disney will likely scratch the animation itch that only the annual Thanksgiving Disney offering is able to. The film includes a bunch of well written songs and a solid story to create a solid movie enjoyable by both kids and adults alike. Story and narrative: In …

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Soda Drinker Pro (PC) Review

Have you grown tired of simulator games? Had your fill of all the hyper realistic games that create the most accurate experience of that thing? Well my friends, here I share with you the most realistic simulator yet. Forget Train Simulator, Goat Simulator and I Am Bread. All you need …

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Savage #2 (Comic) Review

The second part of Valiant’s mini-series, “Savage,” dropped on Wednesday. The newest issue adds some context to the story we received in the first story, but doesn’t quite do enough in terms of its narrative potential. The art, through diversity in scenes and more visuals, is better than the first …

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