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RAI (Graphic Novel) Review

If you’ve ever come across Valiant Entertainments’ RAI, but didn’t want to dive mid story-arc, have I got a recommendation for you… we meet Rai in a great wasteland of the Sonora Desert, once home to North America To get you started, RAI takes place in the 41st century. His …

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At The Mountains Of Madness Volume #1 (Manga) Review

At The Mountains Of Madness

Gou Tanabe’s “At The Mountains Of Madness” Volume 1 adaptation is a wonderful combination of realistic illustration, classical storytelling and H.P. Lovecraft’s original work. This stunning artistic retelling of the cult classic is nearly flawless. The design work throughout the volume is simplistic yet of a professional quality. It is …

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Stranger Things Volume #1: The Other Side (Comic) Review


Following on the coattails of the highly successful Netflix series “Stranger Things“, Dark Horse publishes “Stranger Things Volume #1: The Other Side“. The comic follows Will Byers’ unseen journey through the “Upside Down” during Season 1 and shows what occurred from his perspective. The comic has a solid retro feel …

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Avatar: Tsu’tey’s Path (Comic) Review

The first issue of a new series running parallel to the events of James Cameron’s 2009 Avatar stumbles in context and editing throughout, but fans of the world will find nuggets of enjoyment. Premise: Avatar: Tsu’tey’s Path looks to tell Tsu’tey’s story in the context of the action unfolding in the first volume of Cameron’s epic series. As such, we see Tsu’tey in training and training …

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Incredibles 2: Crisis in Mid-Life! & Other Stories #1 (Comic) Review


Incredibles 2: Crisis in Mid-Life! & Other Stories is a lame attempt at monopolizing the Incredibles franchise. The small stories are dull, unentertaining and never have a full ending (cue “to be continued” meme for the monies). This comic patronizes children and they would probably hate you if you bought …

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