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Fenix Rage (PC) Review

While I am an absolute scrub at platform games, I do enjoy the difficulty and the frustrations that come with those games. Fenix Rage is no exception in this, it comes with all the highs and lows of a platformer. The learning curve is fair, although sometimes tough to bite…
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South PArk Pinball

Going on down to South Park… to play some pinball

Zen Studios has a brand new pair of tables headed to their award-winning pinball platform with South Park and Butters tables.
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MotoGP and MXGP to get bonus DLC for GameStop/EBGames buyers

Get ready to rev you engines and take to the legendary Laguna Seca Raceway in an exclusive DLC pack for those who pick up either game for the PS4 via GameStop.
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DanganRonpa2:Goodbye Despair Review (PS Vita)

DanganRonpa returns to the Sony PS Vita for another go-around of weird.
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EGX Hands-On: Minutes

A look at a somewhat different take on the ‘bullet hell’ game.
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Watch_Dogs was released this year on May 27th

What is going on in the gaming industry and where has the value gone?

So many games these days consist of high end marketing with crazy amazing cinematic trailers and hyped up storylines, plot twists and game play teasers. Then why with today’s technology are we still shelling out for expensive special editions of utter crap. Harsh? I don’t think so.
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The Walking Dead No Going Back

No Going Back, the final The Walking Dead season 2 episode is available now

What happens to Clementine in the second season finale of Telltale’s The Walking Dead? Find out this week.
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The Walking Dead shuffle onto Zen Pinball today

Based on the Telltale Games series of the same name, the zombie-heavy table is now available to play on Zen Pinball platforms.
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Get a good look at Titan Souls in the new gameplay trailer for Acid Nerve’s roguelike

Ready for some tough action in a fantasy land filled with giant monsters?
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Sunday Review: The BG Archive for the week of 8/18/14

For late Summer, there was no shortage of stuff going on this past week! We had news from all around the industry as well as some big reviews of the games of August including Metro Redux and Risen 3.
Citizens of Earth Still001

Citizens of Earth… you’ve been delayed a bit

Atlus’ new JRPG is shifting from October to November.
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Dead Island 2 X1 box

Sunday Review: The BG Archive for the week of 8/11/14

Lots and lots of Gamescom coverage hit BG this past week, along with reviews of Ultra Street Fighter IV and more.
Assassin's Creed Rogue _packshot_X360_2D_UK_provisional

Sunday Review: The BG Archive for the week of 8/4/14

The calm before the Gamescom storm this coming week saw news about Resident Evil and Sleeping Dogs updates break along with the reveal of Assassin’s Creed: Rogue and our reviews of Sacred 3, The Last of Us Remastered, and a whole mess of DVDs.

Sunday Review: The BG archive for the week of 7/21/14

Piles of SDCC 2014 news hit the site this week and dominated our headlines with word from Marvel, Dark Horse, and more. If you’re looking for reviews, we published a flood of DVD revs and a look at one of the best games of the year- The Wolf Among Us…

Sunday Review: The BG archive for the week of 7/14/14

Ramping up to SDCC this coming week, there was plenty of comic book news to be had- and plenty of gaming bits too as the industry continues to put on a show for the mega-con.
TWD season 2 episode 4

Telltale’s The Walking Dead season 2 penultimate chapter coming soon

Part 4 of season 2, Amid the Ruins, is coming soon.
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