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Lost Dimension (PS Vita) Review

11 Heroes band together to defeat the ultimate enemy The End – only not everything is as it seems. 11 Heroes. 6 Traitors. One treacherous tower. Can you survive?
Posted 29 Jul 2015 | Playstation 3 Reviews, PS Vita, PS Vita, PS3 | 0 Comments
Odin Sphere Leifthrasir

Odin Sphere remake subtitled Leifthrasir, will hit digitally and physically

Looks like that Odin Sphere remake we told you about will be getting a physical release as well as a PSN launch, and this isn’t just a HD remake either.
Posted 27 Jul 2015 | News, PS Vita, PS3, PS4 | 0 Comments
odin sphere box

Vanilla ware’s Odin Sphere coming to PS4, Vita, and PS3

The gorgeous, hand drawn PS2 title Odin Sphere is set to make a comeback on the current round of Sony consoles… and PS3.
Posted 21 Jul 2015 | News, PS Vita, PS3, PS4 | 0 Comments
Mighty No 9 2015-03-17_00202

SDCC 2015: Mighty No.9 playable at the con and… a live action movie is on the way

Some interesting Mighty No.9 news has emerged from Comic Con…
Posted 10 Jul 2015 | 3DS, Movies & TV, News, PC, PS Vita, PS3, PS4, SDCC, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One | 0 Comments

Tearaway Unfolded is a Hidden Gem in Sony’s E3 Line up

A beautiful expansion of the Vita version, Tearaway Unfolded bursts off the screen and into you heart.   Tearaway was developed by Media Molecule, the studio behind Little Big Planet. Unfolded takes the original Vita game and expands not only the story, but the world and how you interact with it on the PS4. One of…
Posted 18 Jun 2015 | E3, industry, News, PS Vita, PS4, Sony | 0 Comments
Tales from the Borderlands ep 3 unnamed

Tales from the Borderlands Ep 3 catches a ride towards June release

The next episode of Tales from the Borderlands is coming sooner than you think.
Posted 17 Jun 2015 | Mac, News, PC, PS Vita, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One | 0 Comments
Sony E3 Press Conference

Sony E3 Press Conference Delivers on Exclusivity Promises

Sony kicked off their E3 week with an amazing press conference that addressed many questions fans had. SCEA President and CEO Shawn Layden said games drive innovation and are a hub of connection and interaction. Their E3 presentation reflected that view, introducing new and interesting games. Their presentation delivered on…
Posted 16 Jun 2015 | E3, Editorials, industry, News, PS Vita, PS4, Sony | 3 Comments

The Avengers take flight against both Loki and Ultron in Marvel’s newest LEGO title

Avengers Assemble! Marvel Comics’ premier super-team takes it to both movie villains in a LEGO title that spans their filmography.
Posted 10 Jun 2015 | 3DS, E3, News, PC, PS Vita, PS3, PS4, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One | 0 Comments
Super Meat Boy

Super Meat Boy is Coming to PlayStation!

Tommy Refenes and Edmund McMillen, creators of Super Meat Boy, are finally bringing the critically acclaimed game to our favorite console! Today in an aptly titled blog post, “Better late than never…”, Team Meat announced the news of Super Meat Boy‘s PlayStation debut. When the game originally launched, the developersentered into contract agreements that…
Posted 08 Jun 2015 | News, PS Vita, PS4, Sony | 0 Comments
Mighty No9 20150603_MN9_Screen_04

Mighty No.9 gets collector’s edition, pre-order DLC and a new trailer

Mighty No.9 is looking mighty indeed in this new trailer. And if you’re keyed up for the release, then you might want to consider that new Collector’s Edition too.
Posted 04 Jun 2015 | 3DS, Mac, News, PC, PS Vita, PS3, PS4, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One | 0 Comments
Ps Plus

PS Plus June Line-Up Revealed

Sony have announced the free games coming to PS plus this week. And they have certainly delivered.   For the month of June we kick off with headliner Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes. Joining this for PS4 we also have; Skulls of the Shogun: Bone-a-Fide Edition, Super Exploding Zoo…
Posted 30 May 2015 | past, PS Vita, PS3, PS4, Sony | 1 Comment
PlayStation Logo

Sony Acknowledges Sparse Exclusives Lineup at Investor Relations Day

Sony just hosted their 2015 Investor Relations Day yesterday, laying out their plans for the next fiscal year. Andrew House, Sony Computer Entertainment President and global CEO, addressed their weakness in first party exclusives as well as the need to maintain strong third party support for the next year. The…
Posted 28 May 2015 | industry, News, PS Vita, PS3, PS4, Sony | 0 Comments
Tron Bonne Cover Art

The Misadventures of Tron Bonne is on PlayStation Store!

Don’t have $250 bucks to drop on the insanely rare Misadventures of Tron Bonne? Don’t worry because it is now available on the PlayStation Store for only $6! Tron Bonne is a prequel to the Mega Man Legends series and focuses not on the man in blue, but on anti-hero Tron…
Posted 06 May 2015 | News, PS Vita, PS3, PSP, Sony | 0 Comments
PlayStation Logo

Sony Skipping Gamescom This Year

Sony is skipping Gamescom this year!
Posted 06 May 2015 | industry, News, PS Vita, PS3, PS4, Sony | 0 Comments
Wolfenstein The Old Blood

PlayStation Games Launching This Week!

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with these awesome games coming to PlayStation tomorrow! Wolfenstein: The Old Blood (PS4) – B.J. Blazkowicz is back and ready to kill some more Nazis. The Old Blood primarily takes place before the events of The New Order and brings new story and new wicked weapons….
Posted 04 May 2015 | News, PS Vita, PS3, PS4, Sony | 0 Comments

PlayStation Plus Free Games for May!

Prepare to spend much of May in front of your favorite console because PlayStation is delivering another month of awesome games for PS Plus members! Many of them cross-platform as well! Here’s the awesome line up: Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition (PS4): Guacamelee is a crazy, vivid mash-up 2D platformer/brawler….
Posted 29 Apr 2015 | News, PS Vita, PS3, PS4, Sony | 1 Comment
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