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On Wednesday December 10 2014 indie game developers Popcannibal and Dejobaan Games, released Elegy  for a Dead World on Steam. Since its release the game has been positively received among the gaming community. Synopsis courtesy of Ziba Scott: Elegy for a Dead World is a colourful side-scroller adventure game about…
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Rocket Robinson and the Pharaoh’s Fortune takes place in 1933 and stars Rocket Robinson a 12- year- old boy who comes to Cairo Egypt with his father, who works for the U.S. State Department. Rocket Robinson’s only friend is his pet monkey Screech. The two of them come across a…
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After Midnight Anthology is a collection of beautiful illustrations and comics created by 20 artists. Each artist illustrates what they think happens after midnight. Some artists present their ideas in a comic format, while others do only illustrations. In addition each artist is responsible for writing a page that include…
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20 Years Of PlayStation Memories

A look at the 20th anniversary of Sony’s first console.
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Far Cry 4 (Xbox One) Review

Let’s all go down to Kyrat.
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Hollow Knight: Interview with Indie Developer Team Cherry’s William Pellen and Ari Gibson

In this lively interview with Team Cherry’s William Pellen and Ari Gibson, we’ll get an inside look at their first gaming project Hollow Knight. Get ready to experience their sense of humor and hopefully you’ll have a few laughs along the way. Indie game developer Team Cherry was established in…
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The Sunday Review: The Brutal Gamer Archive for the week of 11/24/14

Thanksgiving week in the US saw a little lull in news and reviews here at BG, but there was still plenty to like this past week with Black Friday deals, the first of our Godzilla review retrospectives, a look at the new Batman book from DK, and the debut of…
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Marrying Mr Darcy- The Pride and Prejudice Board Game: interview with Erika Svanoe

English Novelist Jane Austen captured the hearts of audiences with her well known novel Pride and Prejudice. The success of the novel led to many television and movie adaptations over the years, but there is another adaptation on the horizon, and it came from the heart of Erika Svanoe. Erika…
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7String: Interview with Comic Book Artist and Illustrator: Nich Angell

  7STRING is an on-going series of graphic novels created by comic book artist and illustrator Nich Angell.
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Skyrim +Hearthfire+DLC

Video game worlds and the people who (want to) live in them

So this week we at BG were throwing around the notion of actually living in the worlds and universes in some of our favorite games and what that might be like. As with most things, we figured we’d share with you, our loyal readers.
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The Art of Cooking with Michelle, Chloe, and Mia: Interview with Elisabeth ‘Liz ‘Brizzi

Cookbooks have a collection of yummy recipes that can be made and shared with loved ones.
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courtesy of Sean Lykins

Interview with Sean Lykins: Creator of Lora and the Paper Mirror

The indie comic scene is full of talented artists and writers, and Sean Lykins is one of them.
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Sunday Review: The BG Archive for the week of 11/10/14

This was a very big week at BG, with tons of big game, movie, and comic reviews, alongside interviews with key Kickstarter creators and The Book of Life’s Jorge Gutierrez. That wasn’t all though as we also had plenty of news, including some big announcements from from Blizzcon.

Bloodline The Animated Series: Creator Alphonso Blackwood

Definition: A Mass Media Company is a company that delivers Broadcast Media such as film, television, and radio. Print media such as books and comics and Digital media which comprises both internet and mobile media.
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Courtesy of Howard M. Shum

A chat with Howard M. Shum, the creator of Supertemporal

Howard M. Shum got his start in creating comics while he was studying film at NYU. A friend of Howard’s had encouraged him that since he was in New York he should drop off some art samples of his work at Marvel and DC comics, and a month later Marvel…
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Courtesy of Touchten Games

Target Acquired: Interview with Game Producer Ronald Widjaja and C.E.O. Anton Soeharyo

  Touchten Games is a mobile gaming company based in Jakarta Indonesia and was established in 2009 by three brothers: Anton Soeharyo, Rokimas Soeharyo, and Dede Indrapurna. One of the first titles that the company created was Sushi Chain, and it requires players to manage a Japanese restaurant. Upon its…
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