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Failure to launch?

With the Playstation Vita finally seeing the light of day across the world, many, including us, are touting many a figure to quantify the systems launch.  Is it a failure?  Is it a success?  I don’t think these questions will be fully answered for a couple more months yet and …

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Cheating Little Bastards

It’s fair to say that since the inception of virtual gaming – a term that was probably pretty acceptable at the time – things have come a long way. Graphics are prettier, soundscapes are more awesome, and possibilities much more advanced compared to the days of monochrome ping-pong. That doesn’t …

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Love in Video Games

Did you know that Valentines Day is just a couple of days away? Whether you’re the lonely heart, the sickening new lovey couple who hold hands and make out in public, or the grizzled old veterans who have been lovin’ each other for years, decades, or centuries (uh, congrats vampires …

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