Point, Click, Return

For a good long time now, the ‘graphic adventure’ had all but disappeared from the gaming landscape. But in the last few years, the genre seems to be mounting something of a comeback. I always thought of adventure titles as a sort of half-RPG. They told good, occasionally pretty deep…
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Copy Protection Wheel from The Secret of Monkey Island

Ye Olde Days of Copy Protection

In order to proceed to this feature, please type the sixth word on page 12, paragraph 3, line 5.
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grand theft auto v gta5

Brutal Debate: Is Grand Theft Auto V Worth Your Time?

Yesterday’s release of the highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto V trailer has everyone talking, and the virtual Brutal Gamer offices are no exception. Whether they love the GTA series or hate it, everybody has an opinion, and Brutal Gamer has no shortage of lovers and haters. Today we feature the…
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The main man, uh, dragon

Toys? Meet Games

Two great tastes that taste great together? Certainly the new Spyro title, Skylanders, has found that to be true. Can the struggling toy industry find a strange bedfellow in one of it’s chief rivals- videogames?
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The Thrills and Chills of Dead Space 2

Want to be scared while playing a great game this Halloween? Try Dead Space 2.
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Sega Celebrates 20 Years of the Blue Blur

Sonic the Hedgehog has been around for a long time now. In fact, this veteran series is almost as old as such classics as The Legend of Zelda and Super Mario Bros.- and this Holiday season Sega is celebrating in a big way.
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The Installation Damnation

Hard drive installation on console systems: a blessing or a curse?
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Dr. Strainedlove: OR How I Learned to Love Dark Souls

A whole heap of people can’t be wrong right?  After the release of Demon Souls last year the internet was awash with love for the obscure Sony exclusive from FROM Software.
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Rage Graphic Novel Cover

Graphic Novel Gameplay

Now in the wake of the largest New York Comic Con yet, it’s becoming more and more apparent that the worlds of gaming and comic books are getting closer than ever. But does this team-up work? Is there anything to be gained from graphic novels based on games?
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The Beta Confusion

The Battlefield 3 beta was released only a few weeks before its release date. Is that really enough time for the developer to address concerns?
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Serious Sam 3: BFE Hands-On Preview

Is 2011 the year of misogynist?  Duke’s back, we’ve had one Serious Sam game already and CroTeam are busily making the final changes to Serious Sam 3: BFE.  One thing is for certain, I’d take Serious Sam over Duke pretty much 6 days out of any week.
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Changing the way we pay for games

When I was a kid, there was a certain ritual to buying games. In fact, the process was not unlike an 18th century courtship. First came the introduction, the first pass. Maybe the boxart would catch my eye, or maybe the title would grab my interest. Next, the attempt to…
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2012's Syndicate put things in a new perspective: first-person.

Welcome Back, Syndicate!

Syndicate is back! And as a huge fan of the original, I couldn’t be happier!
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A Difficult Question

The most common choice offered to players upon starting a new game is the difficulty; Easy, normal, hard or some variant are the most frequent options, though “casual” and “insane” often get dropped in depending on the title. The issue of difficulty in games tends to be raised periodically among…
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Uncharted 3 & Naughty Dog Developer Session

Much like last year, the only conference I really wanted to get in to at Eurogamer Expo was the Sony one.  Last year it was to oggle the fantastic inFamous 2 from Sucker Punch.  This year I was desperate to see Uncharted 3.
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Minecraft: The House that Love (and Griefing) Built

This week I took a fantastic journey to a strange land, and like most of the world’s most eccentric places, I used my computer to get there.
Posted 25 Sep 2011 | Editorials, Featured Articles, News | 2 Comments
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