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Feature Friday: When video game heroes are zeros

We all have our favorite heroes and protagonists in the games we play, but sometimes those well thought-out and ‘perfectly’ crafted leading men and women are just, well, aggravating.

In this week’s Feature Friday, we’re shining a light on some digital folks that we just can’t stand for one reason or another. Here you’ll find a bunch of BG’s writers and editors least favorite characters to play as in all of gaming. Be warned though, these won’t be all duds in the traditional sense.

Some of the names on this list might be favorites of yours, some are most definitely classic figures from all time great games, and some are characters that most gamers relish playing as and eagerly await seeing in the next sequel of a massive franchise.

And that’s fine. For you.

Rick B US Staff Writer

Least favorite game protagonist: Aiden Pierce from Watch_Dogs

My pick for worst protagonist is Aiden Pearce from Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs. Pearce is a boring and lifeless character. Throughout the game he loses a couple of people really close to him and there is no growth emotionally. From the beginning of the game all the way until the end he maintains an emotionless robotic attitude. Pearce also has a bad version of Christian Bale’s Batman voice. I have seen a wider array of emotions during an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie.


Kiri UK Staff Writer

Least favorite game protagonist: Yu Narukami from Persona 4

Okay, I love the whole Persona idea, Shadows, true self, Unicorns, an of course all other Persona’s. Yu on the other hand, I can not stand!! He is soo boring, it is so hard to enjoy the story when you think that’s who your stuck playing as, the design pf him, his stupid grey hair!! I’ve seen stuff on wikipedia describing him as a mostly a silent teen, but his role in the anime allows him a few lines for comedic value. I just don’t see the appeal, he is so dull, and his appearance is apparently supposed to make him more appealing to a wide audience, and so many people think he is the bee’s knee’s. Minako and Minato of Persona 3 was so much cooler!!

Close runner up : Riley Abel from Left Behind, (TLOU story DLC)

I think my love for Ellie in TLOU deeply effects my hatred for Riley. I dislike the fact she leads her astray, and then ultimately starts the end of her life by getting her bit by a runner. I felt the kiss was a little awkward too.

Martin US Staff Writer

Least favorite game protagonist: Niko Belic from Grand Theft Auto IV

I have personally seen him (OK it was me) run over huge groups of people. Then he went bowling with his cousin like it was just another day. That’s a scary perspective on life my friends.

 Jake R UK Staff Writer

Least favorite game protagonist: ‘The Messenger’ from Fallout: New Vegas

For me there was just no connection there or anything that you can relate to. I like a character where you can truly relate to them and experience the story with them, however with this I just felt like I was a empty vessel roaming the Mojave desert. His story just didn’t have the same emotional effect on me as the predecessor.

Ted Entertainment Editor

Least favorite game protagonist: PaRappa the Rapper from PaRappa the Rapper

Why don’t I like him? He has no backbone. Being the lead in a movement dancing game you wouldn’t expect him to switch it up that often but being told by one on screen person then the next to “step on the gas”, “kick to the left” it would’ve made the game great if for once he said “Why should I?”

Jake C US Staff Writer

Least favorite game protagonist: Niko Bellic from Grand Theft Auto IV

I reviewed Grand Theft Auto IV a long time ago for a small review group I used to write with, and one of the things I complained about was it’s main character, Niko Bellic. It might be different if I could understand a word that he says, or if he did anything other than whine and moan about his problems, but that’s not the case. I don’t like Niko Bellic, to me, he feels uninspired and kind of a blank sheet. I’m sure there’s worse out there, but he’s my least favorite.Don’t get me wrong, just because I don’t like him as a protagonist doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have good moments, I just feel as though he’d be a better side character than a main one.

Jason BG Editor-in-Chief

Least favorite game protagonist: Kratos from God of War (series) 

God of War has piles and piles of fans, I know that. And I understand that the ultra-violence of tough-talking ‘hero’ Kratos is one of the main draws, but to me he’s so massively unlikable as a character that it’s almost impossible to enjoy the narrative or the pretty great gameplay in the series. Aside from the PSP’s Chains of Olympus, I found Kratos’ motivations to be secondary and his personality (or lack thereof) to be pretty poorly done overall. I get that he’s an anti-hero too, but at times he almost approaches villainous levels and that’s something that I personally feel greatly worked against him as a character.

Close runner up: Gordon Freeman from Half-Life (series) 

I love the Half-Life games so this is something of a strange pick even from my point of view, but Gordy has no personality at all and falls into a category of game hero that I despise- that of the silent protagonist. To me, it brings what’s an excellent series down just a bit. And I honestly think one of my biggest hopes for HL3 (if and when it’s finally announced) is that Valve finally gets a voice-actor for the role and gives the man in the HEV suit something to say. Not going to hold my breath there though.

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