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First Bumblebee trailer rolls out, brings more classic-looking Transformers

Possibly the last Transformers film in this current line, Bumblebee looks to show off some bots that look more like they should have all along. Check out the first full trailer.

Robots in disguise

Not bad. Don’t get me wrong though, there are still some iffy elements. The majority human cast and a voiceless Bumblebee are still not something that I want to see as a fan. Thing is though, Bumblebee does look better than most of the Transformers movies that have come before. And it might be the last one.

A while back, we told you about a Hasbro future that doesn’t have any Transformers movie in it. With nothing scheduled for 2019, Hasbro more or less confirmed that they would be reassessing the films, and attaining more control for themselves. While I’m not one to stifle creativity, I was very happy to hear that. I can’t imagine Hasbro would allow their property to be changed in such massive ways as the Michael Bay-produced series has.

At the time, we also told you that Bumblebee (the film) would be unaffected by this coming shift, and here we are. Though there are some pleasant surprises. As you can see in the trailer, Starscream actually looks like Starscream, and Bumblebee looks much more like the classic version of the Autobot too. How did it take this long, right to the end of the series, for Paramount to get this even remotely close to “right”?

Not that it matters. Bumblebee is most likely the last gasp for the current series. That of course, leads us to wonder what’s next. Cross your fingers on that one.

Bumblebee hits theaters this December.

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