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Sony confirms NYC meeting. PS Neo inbound?

Looks like the rumors of a Sony PS Neo unveiling in New York might be true after all.

PS Neo awakens… maybe.

It was just a few days back that we reported on a rumor that pinned a September reveal on the long-awaited PS Neo. In fact, that rumor put the date at the 7th of September, and it looks like that’s exactly the case. Sony will be holding a ‘PlayStation meeting’ in Manhattan on that date.

Notice I added a ‘maybe’ in the sub-heading there? We don’t know this is what Sony will be talking about for sure on the 7th. It’s a fair bet though. That’s because the company has been cited as releasing the console for the Holidays. With that in mind, a 9/7 reveal is all but a certainty.

If you’re somehow still unaware of what the Neo is, it’s basically an upgraded PS4. Though we don’t know firm specs yet, it’s reported to have 4k output and beefier processing power overall. The system is, in effect, a way for Sony to release a new console without releasing a new console.

Playstation VR
Playstation VR

Better looking games, and enhanced VR support

It’ll accomplish that feat by using the same games as the PS4. There trick being that the Neo will make ’em look a fair bit prettier and smoother. The Neo should also make the upcoming PSVR run much better than a standard PS4 could. So good news there too for VR fans. There’s no price or anything as of yet, but all that should be changing in short order.

But why announce on the 7th when Tokyo Game Show is right around the corner on the 15th? A further rumor points to Sony wanting to cut Nintendo short on the suspected NX reveal that could take place either at or just before that event. If half of what we’re hearing about the NX is true, then the Neo should make it look, well, not so great in terms of raw power. Smart move on Sony’s part.

Scorpio looms

One thing the Neo won’t be making look bad though, is the Xbox Scorpio.

While the Neo will indeed best the current PS4’s power levels, it’s reportedly underpowered when compared to Microsoft’s newest. As yet unveiled as well (properly anyway), the Scorpio is to the Xbox One, what the Neo is to the PS4, and has blown people away with it’s prowess. Website Eurogamer says that the new console will indeed beat everything else out there, including the Neo, in terms of power.

And while some reports are that Sony has beefed up their new baby a bit more in preparation for Microsoft’s gambit, the Scorpio is still apparently the more powerful console. And don’t forget that the Xbox folks still have a year to launch. Chances are that the superiority isn’t going to go away.

Still though, for PlayStation fans the Neo should be a treat, and if you’re seriously looking at the PSVR, it’s a very tempting proposition. So make sure you’re watching BG on the 7th, as we’ll have the Neo-news for you right here, as it breaks.

Source: MCV

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