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Halo Wars Breaks a Million

We interrupt PeggleFest to bring you some Microsoft based numbers. Ensemble’s swansong, Halo Wars, has now sold over 1 million copies worldwide. Apparantly, 2 million people downloaded the demo. The game entered the charts at number 2 in it’s first week, just behind Killzone 2. Microsoft have also revealed that …

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Next PixelJunk game playable at GDC

Now I have to admit I love quirky titles. It’s part of the reason I picked up the PS3 over the Xbox360 (although I now have both LOL). Along with Sony’s Studio Japan, PixelJunk have consistantly produced interesting and diverse titles. Not every title appealed to the masses but I …

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Ninja Gaiden II headed to a PS3 near you

Oh really – I am soo shocked! This is just so unprecedented 😉 Yes Tecmo’s Team Ninja have revealed, via Japanese tome Famitsu, that they are hard at work porting the XBox 360 guts-fest that is Ninja Gaiden II over to Sony’s black fan heater. Little details are available at …

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Steam – Now With Added DLC

Valve has announced that it’s Steam download service will now be supporting DLC. This means that publishers will be able to sell DLC for certain titles. Any game that is available on Steam can have DLC released for it. Anyone will be able to get the content for their games, …

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Bottlerocket fire blast across Namco’s bow

If you have been paying close attention then over the last 2 weeks we have reported that namco had taken back development of Splatterhouse from Bottlerocket. Then that Namco released a statement saying that the reason they took back the development was that Bottlerocket had a “performance issue”. Well the …

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