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PAX Dreams: The Boston Indie Showcase

Independent developers are often known for their creativity, their passion, their dedication to their art….and their general complete lack of disposable income. It can be very difficult to get your game noticed without some great contacts and a lot of money, but some lucky developers in Boston are about to …

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Scoregasm Hands On Preview

You’d be forgiven for passing up Scoregasm as another twin stick shooter in the vein of Geometry Wars. However, after five minutes in its company, it’s clear that it has more than enough going on to stand apart. Certainly it is a twin stick shooter with a psychedelic neon aesthetic, …

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Skulls of the Shogun Hands On Preview

Turn-based strategy is somewhat of a niche genre in gaming. Even its juggernauts, the like of Civilisation V for example, don’t have the wide ranging appeal enjoyed by many other genres, although admittedly its layers go far beyond the likes of Advance Wars or Final Fantasy Tactics. Much of this …

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Frozen Synapse Hands On Preview

It’s not an exaggeration to say that more and more games are going out of their way to be accessible to a wider audience. The line between this accessibility and simple dumbing down is a very thin one and more than a few titles have fallen foul of it. Even …

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