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Little Big Planet Karting Preview

Little Big Planet Karting seems to be fulfilling its Sony franchise destiny.  By that I mean that all Sony platform mascots seem to need a karting game towards the end of a console cycle – see Crash Bandicoot for details!  

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Tomb Raider Preview

Let’s face it, apart from Guardian of Light; Eidos has struggled to find purchase on this generation of console with the Tomb Raider franchise.  So much good will and love for the character down the train as poorly executed sequel after sequel chased the pace that Uncharted had set almost …

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Wii U hands on preview

What to make of the Wii U.  On one hand it just seems ludicrous for Nintendo to be releasing a console based on current technology, featuring a large, single screen, version of the DS encased in a controller pad.  Do people really want the bother of sensor bars and alignment …

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