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Bang! – Issue 1 – Comic Book Review

Matt Kindt is ready to toss another story genre on it’s head with his latest offering. We’ve seen his work with Ether and Valiant Comics, let’s see what he has in store with Bang! …

What to Expect in Bang!

Bang! will throw you for a loop and in a good way, for all it’s worth. We meet Thomas Cord, a secret agent for what we learn is MI-X, trying to stop Gold Maze from getting their hands on… a graphic novel?

The comic opens with a torn page from a novel. It reads about as well as your typical drama these days: Lots of action and drama packed to the page.
The next thing we know, you’ve got a guy tied to a chair, with three goons taking fashion notes from Kingpin and Dr. Evil with the shaved heads and white suits.

Our unknown kidnapee excapes these goons in a dramatic flourish with the briefcase they were after, only to learn they wanted a comic book. This book is not a rare misprint in flawless condition, even. This is an unknown (to us) author and storyline.

I could tell you who our unknown hero shares his victory with, but that would defeat the purpose of you reading a copy for yourself. Not to mention, this is just enough to get us to the page that will give us the credits of who is responsible for the story, art, and such.

Graphic Novels to Save the World

Needless to say, Bang! seems to be a graphic novel with a keen sense of ‘you thought you knew what was going on? Just you wait…” Thomas Cord is not who we expect him to be. We follow him through some Top Secret mission briefings, and he is in possession of the mysterious graphic novel. Cord and his superior are discussion the author of the book in question.

He’s reclusive, and perhaps crazy, but he may know information on the enemy that is worth it’s weight in gold.

Thomas Cord finds himselves high in the deserted mountains of the West Coast, tracking down the author of a graphic novel. He’s scratching his head, wondering why his employer thinks such an author is of any importance.

Beautiful locations, talking animals, and automated machines lead us down this rabbit-hole. As we’ve seen in Kindt’s previous works, the story is sure to throw you for a loop.

Not What I Expected

I’ll be honest, when I heard Matt Kindt was behind this book, I jumped. I read Ether, and loved how the story kept me guessing. There is no change here. Once I feel fairly comfortable with a situation, I’m thrown on my head again. There’s not enough of that somedays.

Not Your Average Spy

originAlity - 93%
imaGery - 89%
storytellinG - 94%



Thomas Cord reminds us of Bond, Bourne and plenty of secret agents that have come before. Is that all that they have in common?

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