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Capcom brings a little Monster Hunter flair to Street Fighter 6

Two great tastes that go great together? That’s what Capcom is thinking with this new Monster Hunter/Street Fighter 6 crossover.

*Insert peanut butter/chocolate joke*

Never a company to avoid a little cross-promotion, video game powerhouse Capcom has brought a taste of the Monster Hunter world to Street Fighter 6. Both are juggernaut properties, with the two games seeing new releases fairly recently and both being pretty big hits. In the case of Monster Hunter too, the series has now turned 20, and that means some celebration is in order.

Under the official title of “Monster Hunter 20th Anniversary”, this new in-game event for SF6 comes in conjunction with the Fighting Pass for the game. Fans of both titles can look for gear for their Street Fighter avatars, as well as emotes, and much more to be included.

Highlights include:

  • Enter the fray in the Battle Hub, decked out in Monster Hunter decor and playing your favorite Monster Hunter music!
  • The menacing Rathalos and Rathian join you in the photo booth to spice up your pictures!
  • During the event period, players can watch one Tutorial within Fighting Ground to get the Wyvern Jawblade avatar gear!
  • The next Street Voter event kicks off as well with the age-old question – “What’s your favorite Monster Hunter weapon?” Voting opens on April 8 and all voters will receive 2,000 Drive Tickets!
  • Limited time Monster Hunter weapon shaped accessories will be available for purchase from the Hub Goods Shop via Fighter Coins or Drive Tickets, with lots of challenges to earn Drive Tickets from! Multiple weapons can even be equipped together!
  • Premium rewards for the Fighting Pass include avatar gear like Rathalos Helm, Mail, Coil, Greaves, and Felyne Head, as well as items like a “Happy Hunting!” photo frame, “Gimmie it Well-Done!” player title, and a “Hunter’s Dance” emote!

Capcom press release

There are also a few twists to this one, as the arcade game Magic Sword has now arrived for play in Street Fighter 6’s Battle Hub. It is a premium reward however, meaning you’ll have to unlock it. There’s more too, because on top of the arcade game, it’s also the birthdays of both Kimberly and JP this month. Capcom will be launching character-specific tournaments for those events, and dropping “Drive Tickets and bonus Kudos” to celebrate.

All of the above should be available right now or will be hitting very soon, for all versions of Street Fighter 6.

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